My depression

My dearest of life!

You know what is the biggest dilemma of my life? That I belong to one extremely conservative society,a juggmentel society and I live in another society that’s totally opposed of that,though not very liberal,but far away from being conservative.

I m going to spend some days in my parents home that’s on the outskirts of the country…..and they are sending me MSG’s “plz wear modest dress while reaching here!”…..

Can you believe it?

They mean I m wearing immodest dresses because I wear tees and pyjamas when I m alone in my home with my family and wear a full sleeve long short with a Jean and scarfs going for outing.i m immodest because I m just not wearing those dresses that are dear to their hearts!

Chapter _2

Meena was sitting on the lush couch in her lounge, keeping a salad bowl in her lap full of Fattoush… churning and meditating on the scenario appearing in next few seems everything was going to an end,An end that she was always afraid of,she had been screaming after that nightmare. now she was ready to face head strong…what was next she was totally unaware of,but one thing was very much clear,she was no more standing in the favour of Love.she wants now the clear view of her future.


It’s almost the 5th day meena has been disconnected from him, trying her utmost to abondon rahan who was really feeling helpless about doesn’t mean she was not missing him..intact,he was always moving around with her,in her heart,in her thoughts.its a terrible reality to give up doesn’t mean to forget.she was helpless to think about him every minute of her with a man and loving another is a real problem for a woman of east.she can’t leave her husband as its not approved by her society neither her love she was helpless,

I’m from the East!


Where Sun rises

And light spreads its wings around the whole universe

Where a day begins

I’m from that East!

I’m a girl,

That’s not supposed to be

A living being,

My status is less than a chair,a table or a wall

In our homes.

Me,from my birth

Till my death,is a mystery for my people

Not yet revealed!

Let’s see

Who is me!